Integrated Far- and Near-Field Human Exposure Modelling for Organic Substances – Year two

Thousands of organic chemicals have been synthesized and commercialized for industrial and consumer uses. However, an increasing number of organic chemicals are revealed to be “hazardous” because of their potential adverse environmental and/or health effects. The project seeks to identify the primary route(s) that humans take up these organic substances, e.g., use of personal care products, through inhalation of contaminated indoor air and dust, or consumption of contaminated animal- and vegetable-based food. We develop integrated mechanistic models that combine both near- and far-field exposure pathways in an explicit, coherent manner, and apply these tools to help establish a comprehensive, integrated understanding of human exposure to chemicals in products. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Frank Wania


Li Li


Arnot Research and Consulting Inc.


Environmental sciences


Environmental industry




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