Integrated hydrodynamic and water quality modelling tool for the Toronto Waterfront

The goal of this project is to develop the first ever high definition integrated water circulation and water quality model for the Toronto Waterfront. As one of the most urbanized freshwater ecosystems with complex geometries and physical processes, Toronto Waterfront is in an urgent need for modern scientific tools that can support effective environmental management strategies and inform design of costly new development and restoration projects that have considerable socioeconomic implications. Additionally, this cutting edge integrated model will be used in collaboration with Toronto and Region Conservation Authority and key partners to study the impact of various scenarios of proposed urbanization developments on the water circulation, water quality and fish habitat in the Toronto Waterfront. The results from this research, such as the analysis of restoration strategies and predictions for the outcome of future developments, will ensure cost effective, sustainable investments while aligning with water quality provincial standards.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mathew Wells


Bogdan Hlevca


Toronto and Region Conservation Authority


Environmental sciences


Natural resources




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