Integrated logistics optimization

One of the main challenges of a global supply chain is to distribute products from their production point to a set of dispersed customer in another geographical region. The efficient planning of this transportation process can have major impacts on costs, product availability, lead-times, environmental impacts, etc.
In this project we consider long-haul transportation as it happens in global supply chains, in which products become available a certain point, i.e., a container terminal, and have to be distributed throughout a given region. Its contribution lies in the fact that we consider a multi-modal network, so that the choice of which means of transportation to use will depend on the objective of the decision maker. There is a clear trade-off between transportation lead-time and cost, but the balance is less evident when one considers inventory costs and product availability to satisfy an unknown demand, or when environmental concerns are added into the equation.

Faculty Supervisor:

Leandro Coelho


Jonathan Suenaga



Resources and environmental management





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