Integrated Microlens Technology for Light Steering Projectors

MTT Innovation Inc. is a Canadian company that is based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. MTT develops technologies for next-generation projectors in home entertainment systems and theatres. The developed projectors are engineered to provide especially high quality images, with enhanced brightness and dynamic range, and an emerging product of MTT that targets these goals is their light steering projector. Such a projector is being developed through the proposed project as a partnership between MTT and researchers at the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus. The team is developing polymer-based microlenses that can be used within the light steering projectors to provide the desired high quality images with enhanced brightness and dynamic range. A fully-functioning light source will be developed during the project for use in MTT’s light steering projector.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jonathan Holzman


Weicheng Yan


MTT Innovation




Information and communications technologies




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