Integrated Photonics for Large Scale Quantum Computing

In the past few years, a number of research groups around the world have demonstrated small scale, photonic quantum information processing using approaches like Gaussian Boson Sampling, which can function with the current “Noisy, Intermediate Scale” (NISQ) quantum devices. At the same time, the industry partner and other groups have proposed a variety of large-scale photonic quantum computing architectures. These large-scale architectures have yet to be realized in practice and will require large investments to bring to fruition. In order to maximize the chances of success, it is crucial to explore design options as much as possible in calculations and simulations, before setting out to build large scale hardware. This project will use cutting edge mathematical models and computer simulations to carry out a detailed analysis of the impact of realistic performance, errors and loss levels of photonic components on the overall performance of a proposed large scale quantum computer.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jeff Young


Xiruo Yan


Xanadu Quantum Technologies Inc.


Physics / Astronomy


Information and cultural industries


University of British Columbia



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