Integrated Thermal Control Methods for Use in Scalable Battery Systems

Lithium-ion batteries are increasingly being used to reduce fossil fuel use and emissions. Cold weather performance of Lithium-ion batteries is a limiting factor in outdoor applications. Mavio Technologies Inc. aspires to construct durable Canadian made Lithium-ion batteries packs that perform well in the adverse Canadian climate. This project plans to research the effect of using insulation to increase cold weather performance. A new thermally insulated structural enclosure will be experimentally tested in a temperature-controlled laboratory enviroment at the Renewable Energy Storage Lab (RESL) with additional structural testing being completed at the Dalhousie IDEA hub. Experimental findings will support the construction and demonstration of a prototype battery pack that could be used in outdoor Canadian marine environments.

Faculty Supervisor:

Lukas Swan;Clifton Johnston


Mitch Gregory


Mavio Technologies Inc.


Engineering - mechanical


Professional, scientific and technical services


Dalhousie University


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