Integrated Thermal Systems and Controls Modeling for AUTO Mode Simulation and Optimization

Simulating the Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) system performance in a virtual environment is an integral part of a vehicle development process. Transient system behaviour is captured by modeling refrigerant flow, coolant flow and its interaction with air flow with the use of a one-dimensional tool. In this project, a methodology to integrate the thermal model of a HVAC system that would comprise of refrigerant loop, vehicle cabin and coolant loop with HVAC system controls is developed to simulate scenarios where the system is operating in automatic mode. Automatic temperature control (ATC) of the HVAC system will maintain the set temperature in a vehicle by actively controlling these functions. Integrating thermal models that predict HVAC performance with HVAC control models lets us calibrate the ATC controls in a virtual environment. This methodology will also help to simulate drive cycles that focus on fuel economy.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ofelia A Jianu;Marco Masoero


Mingzhe Chang



Engineering - mechanical




University of Windsor


Accelerate International

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