Integrating Digital Design + Prefabrication Processes into Calgary-based Architecture and Design Firms (continued)

Many architecture and design firms in Calgary have a strong desire to incorporate parametric software (BIM) and digital manufacturing (CAD-CAM) technologies into their design processes in order to meet evolving client demands, regulatory requirements, and sustainability performance targets. These are necessary criteria that constitute high-quality built environments capable of meeting the needs of multiple stakeholders including clients as well as the general public. This proposal asks how architectural projects can be used as a platform for digital design and fabrication research that bolsters in-house digital prefabrication expertise while identifying alternatives to conventional trade-based construction practices. The general objective of the research project is to catalyze the adoption of digital design and prefabrication in Calgary-based architecture and design practices.

Faculty Supervisor:

Joshua M Taron;Caroline Hachem-Vermette;Kris Fox


Ayoyimika Edun;Jesse Siegle;Kim Anson Tse;Gordon Skilling;Nicolas Hamel


Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning


Environmental sciences


Construction and infrastructure


University of Calgary



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