Integration and Application of Microlens Arrays within Heads-Up Displays

Recon Instruments Inc. is a Canadian company, founded in 2008, that is based out of Vancouver, BC. Recon develops technologies to incorporate displays into eyewear. The company recently released a Heads-Up Display for snowboarding goggles and they have had great success with it. They have sold more than 40,000 of the units. The proposed project will leverage this success and develop new technologies to extend the functionality of Recon’s displays. Fully integrated Heads-Up Displays will be developed through the course of the project for use in personal eyewear, such as eyeglasses and sunglasses. The developed technologies will be major advancements for this emerging market sector—and Recon is looking forward to continued success through the project.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jonathan Holzman


Xian Jin


Recon Instruments Inc.




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