Integration of Electromagnetics in Potash Mining Geohazard Analysis

Potash is a mineral that is mined for use as fertilizer in agriculture. Potash accounted for $6.4 billion in exports from Saskatchewan in 2018 and potash mining represents a large fraction of the economy of Saskatchewan. When mining potash, it is important to avoid mining into areas near water-filled porous rocks since this can cause flooding. As a result, the ability to detect water-bearing regions at a distance, using geophysical techniques, would be highly desirable. In this project, the intern will extend research on the use of time-domain electromagnetics to detect these water-filled layers. His previous work showed that time-domain electromagnetics could detect water-filled layers directly above the transmitter-receiver pair in geological settings similar to mines in southern Saskatchewan. The current project will consider mines near Saskatoon and will examine the ability of the technique to detect water that is not directly overhead.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sam Butler


Todd John LeBlanc




Geography / Geology / Earth science



University of Saskatchewan



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