Integration of Low Impact Development stormwater practices into the development of smart community

Development of stormwater management plans in Ontario has focused primarily on sizing of conveyance infrastructure and stormwater management ponds that mitigate the receiving water impacts of new developments. The focus has shifted in recent years towards the implementation of Low Impact Development (LID) that emphasizes the control of stormwater runoff at the source. Although several methods and tools have been developed to aid in planning and design of LID practices, there is a need for better integration of these tools into development and assessment of alternative site layouts to meet regulatory requirements for the protection of receiving waters. This research will focus on providing a closer linkage between the conceptual site design and stormwater performance assessment by linking site design tools with USEPA Stormwater Management Model (SWMM). The developed methodology will be tested on the Smart Community project, allowing a quick effectiveness assessment of a variety of LID practices into alternative site designs covering both their hydrologic performance and cost.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Darko Joksimovic


Zakia Raihan Alam


S2E Technologies Inc.


Engineering - civil


Alternative energy


Ryerson University


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