Integration of smart sensing fabric in a DVT pressure stocking

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT), formation of blood clot in deep vein usually in leg, has severe health complications that can lead to disability or death. Applying a cyclic pressure can improve blood circulation and may prevent DVT. This cyclic pressure can be implemented via mobile compression socks (MCS). However, MCS only apply static pressure, which reduces the effectiveness of the MSC. The Toyo team has developed and patented a compression stocking capable of applying cyclic pressure. Although the patented TOYO MSC (TMSC) performs satisfactorily and proves the concept, the sensing component of the TMSC is bonded on the cuff. It makes the cuff inflexible, uncomfortable to wear and aesthetically unpleasing. Thus, There is a need for a fully integrated system wherein the pressure sensors are unobtrusively integrated in the cuff fabric (or the pressure stocking) allowing more precise monitoring of the pressure. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Frank Ko


Dina Badawy





Medical devices




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