Integration of Technology to Support Nursing Practice: A Saskatchewan Initiative

This internship will focus on the potential of laptops and personal digital assistants (PDAs) to enhance the quality of work life for nurses through uptake of the technology to enhance access to information, and evidence-informed practice. The project is a partnership between College of Nursing, University of Saskatchewan and the All Nations’ Healing Hospital in Fort Qu’Appelle. Participation in this research project will allow the All Nations’ Healing Hospital to study the impact of introducing electronic nursing resources through the use of PDAs and laptops to assist the nursing staff in accessing timely and up to date policies and procedures, and best practice resources. The internship will also evaluate the impact of this project in supporting quality patient care and improving work life satisfaction for nurses. This research contributes to an identified research gap related to the applications and implications of ICT within the Saskatchewan health care workplace.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Sandra Bassendowski


Liz MacDougall


All Nations' Healing Hospital




Life sciences


University of Saskatchewan



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