Integration sound considerations into the Montreal nightlife policy

Noise affects everyone, and our cities try to limit noise impacts through effective policy. We focus on the issue of night noise, where the needs of different people can vary widely between wanting quiet for sleeping and for the great nightlife that cities are known for. This collaboration between the City of Montreal and the Sounds in the City research team uses Montreal as a living laboratory to develop new tools and methods to take sound into account when developing and evaluating a new nightlife policy. The project focuses on participatory approaches to integrate the perspectives of different city users on night noise into a coherent nightlife strategy and policy. Building upon a review of regulations and best practices, the project will support the implementation of the new nightlife policy with a sound dimension. We will first determine an auditory diagnosis of the current situation in Montreal in relation to sound and noise aspects, and then develop pilot projects to evaluate innovative approaches for nightlife policy and management.

Faculty Supervisor:

Catherine Guastavino


Anna Edda Bild;Daniel Steele


Ville de Montreal






McGill University



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