Intelligent Piezoelectric Transduction System for In-situ Health Monitoring of Concrete Elements

Concrete elements are extensively used in urban structures including high-rises, bridges, dams and tunnels, and testing their quality and monitoring their health is of extremely high importance in the industry.
In this project, use of piezoelectric transducers along with wireless communication and memory elements is suggested to overcome the limitations with the current methods. Piezoelectric elements are embedded in a concrete element at the time of construction. They will later generate alternating forces in the concrete and sense the reaction of the elements. This reaction will be used to make conclusions about the health conditions of the concrete elements.
Advanced computer modelling and computational techniques will be adopted to find a correlation between the concrete health conditions and its reaction to force disturbances. The final product will be able to communicate the results with the outside and help the engineers and inspectors know about the quality and lifetime of the structure.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mehrdad Moallem


Seyed Hossein Kamali


Concrete MRI


Engineering - mechanical


Construction and infrastructure




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