Intelligent Tracking Infrastructures Using Wireless Networks with Vision-Audio Monitoring Capabilities

Wireless technologies offer new opportunities in the field of telecommunications and computer networks. Wireless sensor networks are a new technology that has emerged after the great technological progress in the development of smart sensors and powerful processors. The city of Trois-Rivieres is currently in the heart of a project to develop a smart public lighting system subject to motion detection. The system will be equipped with vision-audio capabilities for public safety. The main objectives of this research project is to improve the massive data analyzing efficiency and to enhance the information security through optimized design for the wireless multimedia sensor network. The development and proof of concept of such system will allow the partner organization to have a technology watch on security and monitoring using mesh technology and to develop new mobile products. The latest will extend its market to other regions and eventually at the international level.

Faculty Supervisor:

Adel Omar Dahmane


Ghassene Gadhoum & Ahmed Refaey Hussein


Centre collégial de transfert de technologie en télécommunications


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières



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