InterGenNS [Intergenerational North Shore] Project: An Inclusive Vision for Facilitating and Sustaining Intergenerational Community Building Strategies

In response to the vast amount of interest in the North Shore pertaining to intergenerational initiatives, this project seeks to bridge community agencies academic research to provide tangible tools and resources to broaden the awareness of activities connecting different generations in the North Shore to actively contribute to reducing social isolation and loneliness, while enhancing social capital, community capacity, cultural connectedness, social awareness, and social cohesion among various populations in the North Shore community. Based on the data analysis from the community survey and semi-structured in-depth interviews, recommendations will be made via by facilitating a virtual community workshop in order to translate the findings and promote community connectivity and capacity in the North Shore. The partner organization will not only gain an enrichened understanding of the current state of resources available pertaining to intergenerational initiatives in the North Shore but get the opportunity to discuss next steps with like-minded organizations that are interested in intergenerational initiatives.

Faculty Supervisor:

Habib Chaudhury


Rachelle Patille


North Shore Community Resources Society




Other services (except public administration)


Simon Fraser University



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