Interior Construction Progress Monitoring Using Computer Vision and BIM

Progress monitoring is an essential task in all construction projects. A proper progress monitoring can minimize the level of project overruns, which is very common among construction projects but incurring significant loss to public and private funds annually. Manual methods of progress tracking are too infrequent to represent continuous and live insights about the workplace. Recent advancements in the area of computer vision and machine learning inspired researchers to use these techniques for development of new automated progress monitoring systems. The main objective in these types of research is to use different types of cameras, and by capturing videos or photos, monitor and measure the progress during construction. Reaching to this objective becomes more complicated when the construction occurs indoor and many objects obstruct and confuse the vision of cameras. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Brenda McCabe


Seyedfarid Mirahadi




Engineering - civil


Information and cultural industries




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