Intertidal dynamics of First Nations’ clam beaches along a proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) supertanker route

Proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) developments in the traditional territory of the Kitsumkalum First Nations may have negative consequences for the productivity of local clam beaches resulting in decreased food security for coastal communities. This project will elucidate previously unknown community dynamics and environmental characteristics in clam beaches threatened by approved developments. This will increase comprehension of intertidal and soft sediment ecosystems, while also creating a baseline of environmental and biological conditions prior to LNG development. These data will be shared with Kitsumkalum First Nations to support their long-term monitoring project which aims to detect local disturbances prior to disastrous damage to clam beaches. We will also train Kitsumkalum technicians in the techniques required to conduct this monitoring. Such monitoring will increase clam beach sustainability and protect food security of coastal and First Nations communities.

Faculty Supervisor:

Francis Juanes


Lily Campbell


Kitsumkalum Economic Development Corporation




Life sciences




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