Introducing Algorithm Trading/Investment to Hedge Funds and Family Offices

The intern will implement a comprehensive market validation study for two target markets: currency hedge funds and family offices. The plan will outline the size of the target markets, the competitive environment, the CTS Forex advantage, and the most efficient marketing channels. In addition, the intern will help in the development of two websites: 1. The corporate website to ensure it communicates the CTS Forexʼ’s value proposition effectively to the two target markets, 2. A website that aims to become a credible source on the performance of all trading systems in the market. Furthermore, the intern will be responsible to author and issue press releases, and develop a variety of marketing collateral for various purposes. CTS Forex will also publish a book, and the intern will develop a marketing plan that should help promote the book through social media.The overall goals of these tasks center on preparing CTS Forex to pitch its solution to the target markets, as well as attract investors to invest in the company.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Robert Schulz


Mohammed Saeed


Winsor Global Financial Inc.




Oil and gas


University of Calgary



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