Investigating Effects of UV Disinfection on Wastewater Estrogenic Activity

This project is in partnership with the Canadian Water Network. Endocrine disrupting compounds or chemicals (EDCs) generally refer to chemical substances with the capacity to disrupt the endocrine system of animals. Scientific studies on the impacts of EDCs on aquatic wildlife in Canada, particularity studies on fish in the Great Lakes, have brought the issue of EDCs in the aquatic environment to the forefront. Efforts are now ongoing to comprehensively understand the fate of EDCs in wastewater treatment processes and develop effective ways to remove them to satisfactory levels. The objective of this project is to investigate effects of UV disinfection on wastewater estrogenic activity with the partner company Trojan Technologies. Trojan markets UV technologies for water and wastewater disinfection all over the world. The proposed project is important for Trojan to understand and clarify the estrogenic effects of UV byproducts on the quality of wastewater effluent from wastewater treatment plants.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Nazim Cicek


Wenbo Yang


Trojan Technologies




Fisheries and wildlife


University of Manitoba



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