Investigating intercultural skills development and needs assessment of medium and large businesses in Ontario

This project investigates barriers, facilitators, and experiences related to intercultural skills development training and implementation in the workplace. The project involves the examination of current theories and practices of intercultural skills development, as well as industry partners’ perceptions and experiences of diversity in the workplace and intercultural skills training. The research intends to determine how behavior and attitudes toward diversity in the workplace can become more open and inclusive. This project involves a partnership between the Cross Cultural Learner Centre, the Achievement Centre, and the University of Western Ontario. The research will be carried out in London, Toronto and Kitchener, Ontario. The research will use multiple methods including in-depth interviews, focus groups, social media analysis, and an online survey. The output of the project will be case studies, training manuals, and workshops in intercultural skills development that can be used by the Cross Cultural Learner Centre and the Achievement Centre. The findings will be significant for promoting the ability of businesses to work with people from different cultures both locally and globally. The results of the research will be published in peer reviewed journals and presented at conferences.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Victoria Esses


Jennifer Long, Melissa Stachel & Secil Erdogan Ertorer


Cross Cultural Learner Centre




Finance, insurance and business


Western University



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