Investigating Nano-Media in Communications, the Arts and Creative Communities Year Two

Investigating Nano-Media develops and disseminates groundbreaking technological innovations in the field of nanooptics and explores the possibilities of a new nano-material–nano-media–for communication, media and art practices. We deploy a pioneering multi-functional nano-fabric that comprises nano-substrates with embedded functionalities and new advanced fabrication processes. This unique nano-fabric is then further augmented by the processes of ‘nanography’ and ‘nano-photography’. The goal of these processes is to produce nanographic screens and to define them by developing methods and applications in a variety of scales and contexts, including installations, expositions, and publications, and assessing their formal, material, aesthetic and communicative possibilities. This interdisciplinary project is a collaboration between a scientist working at the cutting-edge of nanotechnologies, an intern specializing in digital media, publishing and cultural practices, as well as media practitioners–artists and designers–who provide an experimental framework to explore the unique characteristics and affordances of nanomedia. The project will initially implement technological integration of nano-media in art and culture in the areas of publishing, new media art and immersive environments, and lay the groundwork for its potential uses in other areas such as advertising, textiles and architecture.

Faculty Supervisor:

Bozena Kaminska


Aleksandra Kaminska





Digital media


Simon Fraser University



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