Investigating process conditions and product quality in the recycling of used horse bedding

Typical horse bedding in BC consists of 90% woody materials and 10% hay and manure. Recycled bedding product has several advantages when compared to standard wood fibre bedding. Further densification into wood pellets with these recycled wood fibers is desired. This study is conducted to determine the efficiency of pathogen removal during the drying process of GreenScene Agritek Inc.’s pilot plant, and investigate the pelletization process. The process time-temperature conditions will be monitored and recorded. Final products will be sent to microbiological labs for testing the specific pathogens (bacteria, virus and mold spores) that could be harmful to horse and human health. These dried wood fibres will also be densified into wood pellets, whereby different process conditions will be studied. The results from this research will help GSA to better manage the drying process and make high-quality products that are safe to use and achieve economic benefits.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Anthony Lau


Xiao He


GreenScene Agritek Inc.


Engineering - chemical / biological




University of British Columbia



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