Investigating Renewable Hydrogen Pathways for Low-Carbon Synthetic Fuels: Advanced Solar-to-Hydrogen Platforms

Pathways for low-carbon synthetic fuels are reliant upon large-scale, low-cost, low-carbon and renewable hydrogen supply, which are presently not delivered by existing supply chains. The Clean Energy Research Centre (CERC) at UBC proposes a new research program that will directly address this problem. A new Post-doctoral fellowship (PDF) position will be added to the CERC team, directly responsible for researching and developing new and emerging technology pathways for low-cost, renewable hydrogen production.
The PDF will perform techno-economic analysis of viable near-term renewable H2 pathways, which will inform industry on impacts of technology status, barriers, economic impacts and required technology development for production scale-up and commercialization. In addition, the PDF will perform research, analysis and development of scalable device architectures for solar H2 production, culminating in the design, build and test of a laboratory unit-cell prototype to assess feasibility for large-scale, low-cost solar H2 production.

Faculty Supervisor:

Walter Merida


Thomas Holm


Carbon Engineering


Engineering - mechanical


Alternative energy




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