Investigating the Change Management Process in High Performance Sports Organisations Related to Performance Management

Organisational change is part of life for sports teams, however, research suggests that despite how often change initiatives occur, the success rate for organisations achieving their desired outcomes is less than 30%.
The aim of the study is to investigate how top level sports organisations manage change and to compare the different approaches adopted by various sports in countries around the world.
This study will interview sporting directors and general managers from around the world in order to:
1) identify how sporting directors identify, research and plan change initiatives, with a comparison between ge-ographical and cultural practices;
2) explore the process of change in relation to planning, challenges of implementation and integration, and bar-riers to success;
3) establish how change is audited and evaluated;
4) provide a number of recommendations for i) applied practice for and ii) research with sporting directors

Faculty Supervisor:

Darren Warburton


Oliver Finlay


3D Thinking & Training Ltd




Life sciences




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