Investigating the feasibility of and the implementation of pre-implantation genetic testing at Atlantic Assisted Reproductive Therapies

Atlantic Assisted Reproduction Therapies (AART) is the primary facility located in the Atlantic Provinces capable of assisting reproductively challenged couples. Fertility Pharmacy Services(FPS) is an onsite subsidiary of AART. AART offers a wide range of services, however, AART currently does not have the capacity to assist individuals who require preimplantation genetic testing. Clients who require such genetic testing include persons with known genetic conditions and/or individuals who have suffered repeated miscarriages. The overall objective of this project is to investigate the feasibility of establishing a preimplantation embryonic genetic screening program at the AART center, located in Halifax. The project will be carried out through a number of stages, from researching the genetic tests best suited to FPS/AART’s clients, to establishing the equipment and facility, to finally performing new services for FPS/AART clients. This project will be highly beneficial to the region as it will allow AART to assist a new group of clients, therefore building the clientele serviced by the FPS.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Jo-Ann Brock


Megan Dufton


Atlantic Assisted Reproductive Therapies




Life sciences


Dalhousie University



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