Investigating the microscale structures and rheological properties of oil water-gellant complexes for the development of gelators in remediating surface-water oil spills

Oil spills pose both acute and chronic hazards to ecosystems and require effective and timely treatment. As large quantities of crude oils are transported across and in the proximity of oceans. rivers. and other waletways, it is especially important to be prepared for spills into water. The dynamic and variable character of aquatic environments especially highlights the need for rapid, dexterous responses. Chemical remediation by “gelling” the oil to greatly increase the ease of removing it from the water’s surface, using molecules known as gelalors or gellants, has received renewed interest due to its versatile and selective potential This proposal details a research plan to experimentally investigate oil-water + gellant systems using optical and rheological tools in order to make connections between mactoscale performance and microscale structures and properties, informing the development and use of gelators in remediating surface-water oil spills

Faculty Supervisor:

John Frostad


Daniel Walls


BC Research Inc


Engineering - chemical / biological


Oil and gas




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