Investigating the performance of ultra-thin graphene oxide films for natural gas dehydration

The main goal of this project is to identify the key performance parameters of the membrane and collect some data on the membrane performance. To achieve this goal the intern needs to first develop a testing system to evaluate the dehydration performance of the membrane. After building the test system the intern will utilize the system to check the performance of a wide range of membranes and select which ones work best as well as factors that would impact the membrane performance. Then the test system will be brought to natural gas plant to verify the performance. Evercloak will supervise the intern and support out of lab research activities on their premise. Evercloak will benefit as the results of this project will inform key decisions within their technology development roadmap in addition to talent acquisition/training.

Faculty Supervisor:

David Simakov


Yichen Zhuang




Engineering - chemical / biological




University of Waterloo



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