Investigating the potential of a Vancouver Island Model Forest – A qualitative stakeholder analysis

This research project aims to investigate the potential of a Vancouver Island Model Forest. A model forest is a partnership-based process for working towards sustainable development of a forested landscape. We will arrange a stakeholder meeting to establish a common understanding of the concept and see if there is commitment from stakeholder groups to procees with development. By interviewing key forest stakeholders we will try to identify the common needs and possible areas of collaboration on the Island. This will provide insight about the viability and value of an island-wide model forest, and reflect the broader opinion about the project. The project will provide Ecotrust Canada with information that can help guide the future direction of their work with the model forest. If the model forest project continues the research can provide guidance in identifying a common vision and strategic plan for the model forest.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Robert Kozak


Emma Berglund


Ecotrust Canada


Environmental sciences




University of British Columbia



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