Investigation and Analysis of measurement & simulation-based Core-Follow systems for Nuclear Research Reactors

The Nuclear Reactor Group at McMaster University, in collaboration with the Department of Engineering Physics, propose a project to investigate and analyze software systems for use at nuclear research reactors for core-follow and prediction calculations. This project involves research of nuclear fuel burnup calculations, and the creation of a methodology to couple simulation-based core-follow calculations to operational measurements for nuclear research reactors. This work will include implementation of the advanced core-follow and prediction system at the McMaster Nuclear Reactor. The work is designed to be executed as a post-doctoral project, providing the intern not only with advanced simulation tool experience but also with valuable hands-on experience at a working nuclear facility. Benefits to the partner organization will be the availability of an improved core-tracking tool and methodology and accurate fuel material data, improving operation efficiency, safety and utilization at the facility and providing a foundation for advanced engineering support for future research and production applications.

Faculty Supervisor:

David Novog


Erwin Alhassan


McMaster Nuclear Reactor




Alternative energy


McMaster University



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