Investigation and development of an air-core dry-type reactor noise prediction model

Air-core dry-type electrical reactors are integrated into power system infrastructures to limit current and regulate voltage in transmission lines. These reactors, are designed and built to facilitate customer specific requirements using an elementary noise prediction model, which was developed almost 30 years ago. With increasingly stricter noise emission guidelines set by the environmental regulatory bodies, the need to better predict and meet specific noise requirements has become more important to the design and manufacturing of the reactors. The objective of the research is to identify the fundamental structural and electrical mechanisms of noise generation for the reactors and to use this information to develop a more advanced noise prediction model. Having the ability to accurately predict noise emissions at the early design stage will not only allow Trench to meet the specific noise requirements for their customers, but also give them an important competitive advantage over other manufacturers.

Faculty Supervisor:

Colin Novak


Frank Angione


Trench Canada


Engineering - mechanical






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