Investigation and optimization of Avalon Alliance bio-mineral composite products and pre-design of the manufacturing process

This UBC-Vancouver research will contribute to the optimization of novel composite bio-mineral products for sustainable agriculture, pollution remediation and other environmental applications, with special emphasis on equipment pilot testing and manufacturing process pre-design, as well as the testing of the product as chicken/fish feed. The core fertilizer products synergistically combine rock dusts, clays, seawater elements, beneficial soil microorganisms, organic substances and other natural biostimulants to replenish soil nutrients, enhance soil health, neutralize contaminants and improve plant productivity and resilience. Similarly, the bio-mineral chicken feed will meet organic standards, as will the salmon feed that will also achieve good nutritional performance without the use of fishmeal ingredients from endangered wild stocks. The production processes and formulas of these product
prototypes have been developed and protected through patent filings by principals of Avalon Alliance Inc., for the commercial applications of subsidiary Avalon Bio-Mineral Technologies Inc. Two UBC Vancouver interns will be involved, with research assistants at the UBC Farm and UBC/DFO aquaculture facility, who will work in collaboration with Avalon Alliance personnel, as well as other
interns at UBC-Okanagan assisting with the preparation and refinement of the various product lines.

Faculty Supervisor:

Anthony Lau


Christoph Schilling


Avalon Alliance


Engineering - chemical / biological


Fisheries and wildlife




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