Investigation into the Radiation Damage Effect on Failure Mechanism of CANDU Spacer Material X-750 Ni-based Su

This study focus on the understanding of radiation-induced embrittlement in CANDU reactor spacer material, Inconel X-750. The helium pre-implantation following by proton irradiation will be employed as a surrogate for neutron irradiation to simulate the radiation damage on the microstructure of Inconel X-750. Micro-tensile test on irradiation X-750 material will be carried out to evaluate the mechanical properties and furthermore explore the failure or fracture mechanism. The step by step monitoring the deformation behavior of irradiated X-750 alloy during in-situ SEM straining test will be employed to understand the failure mechanism of CANDU spacer after irradiation. Also, post-deformation TEM observation on irradiated Inconel X-750 will help to investigate the effect of radiation-induced defects on fracture/failure property of the spacer material.

Faculty Supervisor:

Zhongwen Yao


Pooyan Changizian


Kinectrics Inc


Engineering - mechanical






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