Investigation of a fully biocompatible bio-electrolytic supercapacitor system

The concept of incorporating bio-product based electrolytes in the design of supercapacitors is recent and novel. To use a bio-molecule to harvest and harness energy is one of the most breakthrough technologies of our current age. The thrust towards wearable technologies and Internet of Things (IOT) applications have created an emerging market for environmentally friendly flexible energy storage device. Most of the existing small-scale energy storage technologies use rare and non-sustainable materials such as Lithium and solid-phase metal electrolytes which make the manufacturing process non-sustainable and less environment friendly.
To address this challenge, we propose to create an energy storage solution using bio-based materials in the form of a flexible bio-electrolytic supercapacitor (BSC) system. This system will be designed using low-cost additive manufacturing techniques, utilizing environment friendly materials and sustainable bio-products. An integrated BSC system will be demonstrated as a stable, cleantech power storage solution for wearables and IOT devices.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ravi Prakash


Rana Amache


Mishkumi Technologies Inc.


Engineering - chemical / biological


Alternative energy




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