Investigation of Driven FRP Reinforced Concrete Piles for Bridges, Tunnels, Marine, Lateral Support Applications

Reinforced concrete (RC) structures with steel reinforcement have a limited service life due to corrosion especially for these used in harsh marine and/or aggressive environments or which existed under water ground table. RC vertical structural members as columns and piles transmit axial compressive loads with or without moments are of critical importance for the safety of structures. These members usually exposed to shear and lateral forces. Using alternative noncorrosive reinforcing materials as fiber-reinforced-polymer (FRP) bars has been the focus of many studies in recent years to attack the problem from its root cause. This project intended to investigate the shear strength behavior of FRP RC piles under lateral loads with/without axial loading. The outcomes of this project will be important for examining the validity of the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code (CAN/CSA S6-06) design provisions for bridge deep foundation and water front and marine driven piles with FRP reinforcements.

Faculty Supervisor:

Brahim Benmokrane


Mohammad Afifi




Engineering - civil






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