Investigation of IL-5R? expression on ILC2 as a target for Benralizumab

A newly identified group of cells termed type 2 innate lymphoid cells (ILC2s) have been discovered in the past decade. Increasing evidence supports the view that ILC2s play a central role in driving the cellular changes in the airways of asthmatic subjects. ILC2s are increased in severe asthmatics with uncontrolled inflammation despite being on the highest doses of accepted therapies like oral and inhaled steroids. Finding pathways that control ILC2s may provide additional therapies to control severe asthma. We have previously detected a receptor on the surface of ILC2 termed IL-5Ralpha (CD125) and this study aims to confirm the presence of this receptor on ILC2s and understand the biology of this receptor, specifically factors that up-regulate expression levels. In addition, using in vitro culture experiments, we will investigate the effect of a drug that targets and removes cells that express this receptor, namely Benralizumab on ILC2s.

Faculty Supervisor:

Roma Sehmi


Xiaotian Ju;Akimichi Nagashima







McMaster University



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