Investigation of immunological mechanisms of peptide immunotherapy

Although early clinical trials have been positive, peptide vaccine mechanism of action (how tolerance is induced) is unknown. The primary objective of these studies is to identify changes in gene expression and cytokine expression that are correlated with vaccine treatment. These changes could provide insight to mechanisms of action and may reveal potential genetic biomarkers that could then be validated for use in clinical development of peptide vaccines, and also the treatment of allergic disease. If this study can identify the key genes can cellular pathways that respond to treatment with a peptide vaccine to cat allergy, it will represent a great advance in the understanding of the mechanisms of immunotolerance. Such knowledge may then be applied to the design of dosing regimens, clinical trial design, and the development of other peptide based immunotherapeutics.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Mark Larché


Elena Tonti


Adiga Life Science Inc.




Life sciences


McMaster University



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