Investigation of Pore-scale Mechanisms of Applying CO2 Huff-and-Puff to Enhance Shale Gas Recovery with Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Considering the unique properties of CO2 under supercritical condition, CO2 is proposed to be used in huff-and-puff treatments to enhance shale gas recovery from shale gas formations. This research project will look at the fundamental pore-scale mechanisms when CO2 huff-and-puff is used for enhancing methane recovery from shale formations. In order to obtain pore-scale mechanisms of applying CO2 huffand-puff to enhance shale gas recovery, a series of CO2 huff-and-puff experiments will be conducted in conjunction with the NMR measurements. Meanwhile, the effect of wettability, injection pressure, operating temperature, permeability, and water saturation on shale gas recovery will also be evaluated. After finishing this research, we will reveal the pore-scale mechanisms of CO2 huff-and-puff in enhancing shale gas recovery, provide pragmatic guidelines for effectively carrying out CO2 huff-and-puff in the field, and also explore the technical feasibility of CO2 storage in shale formations.

Faculty Supervisor:

Huazhou Li


Yueliang Liu



Engineering - civil



University of Alberta


Globalink Research Internship

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