Investigation of Reuse/Recyle Scenarios of Boiler Ash Residue

The management of ash residues has been a major problem for pulp and paper mills worldwide due to their characteristics and the large amounts generated. The combination of increased generation of ash residues, stringent landfill policies and increased cost is pushing mills to search for innovative ways to manage their ash residues. As a result, beneficial uses of ash residues as an alternative management options are gaining popularity. Rather than being treated as a waste, the ash residues could be converted to valuable products. The proposed research work is aimed at investigating alternative management options for boiler ash. It will investigate experimentally potential re-use/recycle options for boiler ash residue either by producing new products from the reisdue or assessing areas where it could be effectively applied.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Abduljelil Iliyas


Adeoti Ibraheem Adetunji


AV Nackawic Inc.




Pulp and paper


Memorial University of Newfoundland



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