Investigation of supportive policy for Active School Travel: Evidence-based recommendations for policies to promote active transportation for school journeys

Walking and wheeling to/from school represents an important source of physical activity for children. As policy decisions about how we build our neighbourhoods, schools, and transportation systems have changed, we have seen a worrisome decrease in the number of children who use active modes of travel to get to/from school. We have limited research mapping existing policies related to school travel planning across and within school, municipal, and regional districts. We proposed that the intern will review and analyze Ontario policy scan data, conduct a scoping review, and survey and interview key informants to identify best practices for policies and procedures that support and promote the use of active travel modes by Ontario students. These findings will inform the policy agenda of the Ontario Active School Travel Council, and support Ontario Municipalities, School Boards, and Student Transportation Consortia to develop policies that support and promote active school travel.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jason Gilliland


Megan Graat


Green Communities Association


Geography / Geology / Earth science



Western University



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