Investigation of Sustainability Strategies for Battle Harbour Historic Site

The proposed research project that will be undertaken by the intern will be a six (6) month on the basic operations of the Battle Harbour Historic Trust. The primary and secondary research conducted by the intern will be utilized as a mean of (1) developing a comphrensive framework of private]public partnerships that will be of use to historical trust initiatives such as Battle Harbours, (2) identifying similar organizations' initiatives in order to benchmark fundraising activities and find other means of financial sustainability, (3)identifying potential national and international foundations for Battle Harbour that have matching objectives, core values and funding eligibility criteria (4) profiling current sponsors and visitors with respect to motivations behind donations and/or visitation. The stated information will be of benefit to future efforts by the company to seek available forms or funding for operations, as well as to identify strengths,weakness, opportunities and possible threats to BHHT.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Tim Jones


Mandy Applin


Battle Harbour Trust Inc.





Memorial University of Newfoundland



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