Investigation of the Health Benefits of a Novel Sourdough Fermented Pasta

There are several factors driving an insatiable market for natural health products in the Canadian marketplace, including growing consumer interest in food-health relationships, rising healthcare costs and an aging population. One growing natural health food niche includes fermented foods that are becoming increasingly recognized for their health benefits. This project aims to explore the benefits of a new type of fermented product, sourdough pasta (‘Pasta Fermentata™’) created by Kaslo Sourdough’s proprietary fermentation technology, on the regulation of blood glucose and gut health. In collaboration with their academic partners at the University of Calgary, the intent of this project is to examine the differences between Kaslo Sourdough’s shelf stable (dried) sourdough pasta compared to conventional pasta on glucose regulation and biomarkers of gut health in individuals at an increased risk of developing diabetes, to determine whether there are health benefits associated with sourdough pasta.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jane Shearer


Amanda Longo


Kaslo Sourdough




Medical devices


University of Calgary



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