Investigation of the role of macrophage and smooth muscle cell sub-phenotypes in human atherosclerosis

Providence Healthcare has established a reputation as one of the leading centres for cardiovascular research and treatment in Canada. Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals Canada is a major provider of pharmaceuticals used in cardiovascular treatment, and has an active research agenda aimed at improving the effectiveness of non]invasive diagnosis and treatment in this field. Pfizer and Providence Healthcare are collaborating on this research in order to develop more effective pharmacological treatments for atherosclerosis. This project seeks to delve into the central role that the macrophages and smooth muscle cells play in atherosclerosis by determining how different sub]phenotypes mediate the process. The results from this study will be used to establish groundwork for in vivo models as well as provide a rationale for specific immunomodulatory treatments of atherosclerosis.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Gordon Francis


Sima Allahverdian


Providence Health Care




Life sciences


University of British Columbia



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