Investigation of the therapeutic benefit of phytocannabinoids and Cannabis extracts in Alzheimer’s disease using a novel 3D in vitro model.

By the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada in 2018 and continuing the legal use of medicinal cannabis, there is an emerging need for investigating the health aspect of cannabis products. Despite the memory difficulties that may cause by the long-term use of cannabis some research indicated the benefit of cannabinoids, the bioactive components of the cannabis plant, to manage agitation and aggregation in some people with dementia. However, there is no solid evidence for the therapeutic or toxicity of cannabis products for Alzheimer’s disease (AD). This project aims to investigate the potential therapeutic benefit of cannabis products for people with AD by developing a valid model of neurons. This project also plans to design a standard method for screening the cannabis products that can be used for quality control and identify the bioactive compounds in cannabis.

Faculty Supervisor:

Kagan Kerman


Soha Ahmadi Nadoushan






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