Investigation of Water-in-Oil Emulsion on CSI Solvent Dissolution and Ex-solution Performance for Heavy Oil

This research work will establish a systematic workflow for analyzing transient equilibrium foamy oil phase behavior by coupling the CCEC tests, depletion rate and presence of water-in-oil emulsion which are seldom performed for heavy oil. It will provide a strong connection and comparison with previously studies which was conducted in the absence of water-in-oil emulsion. It will create a strong connection between phase behavior with fluid properties, operating conditions and kinetics. A concrete database which contains large amount of laboratory transient equilibrium data for selected heavy oil reservoirs can be established. The effects of different content of water-in-oil emulsion on the heavy oil production performance will be evaluated.

Faculty Supervisor:

Na Jenna Jia


Jingwei Jiang


Petroleum Technology Research Centre





University of Regina



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