Investigation of Wood I-joists for Floor Applications in Mid-rise Wood Construction

PinkWood Ltd of Calgary is the largest wood I-joist producer in Western Canada. To-date it has been supplying primarily to the low-rise residential construction market. With the increased interest in mid-rise wood buildings up to 6 storeys, PinkWood is interested in expanding into this market segment. Penetrating into this non-traditional market segment will require the development of research information that addresses the concerns of build designers. In this project the three technical concerns are floor diaphragm action, vertical shrinkage of building and floor vibration performance. An expected outcome of the project is the publication of a technical report that provides guidance on the use of PinkWood wood I-joists in mid-rise construction, thereby help fulfilling the market penetration objective of the company.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ying-Hei Chui


Sigong Zhang


Pinkwood Ltd


Engineering - civil


Construction and infrastructure




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