Investigation on a scalable platform for modular robotic systems development: Case study on AISCartPuller robot

AIS Inc. is at the forefront of developing practical mobile robots for various markets. Mobile robots are considered as very complex systems comprising of hundreds of interacting components in complex system architectures. Developing such complex robotic systems, particularly in large scale, requires a coherent collaboration and engagement on various specialized areas such as scientific research, robot production, hardware and software module production, service providing, sales and marketing, and regulation and compliance. AIS is seeking to create a comprehensive and scalable platform to enable systematic, coordinated, efficient, and productive engagement of all such knowledge areas for the purpose of creating standard practical robots. This engagement platform comprises of various roles, interactions, and processes and different components of such platform, as well as their interoperation, should be identified, designed/customized, implemented/adapted, and evaluated for utilization. Since, a good portion of the platform’s components may already exist, the first phase of engineering such a platform is to perform a comprehensive state of the art analysis.

Faculty Supervisor:

Homayoun Najjaran;Mehran Mehrandezh


Parinaz Balkhi;Marzieh Zamani Alavijeh;Hani Balkhair


Advanced Intelligent Systems Inc.


Engineering - mechanical





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