Investigations in real-time spinal magnetometry using magnetoencephalography (MEG) for therapeutic biofeedback

Oscillatory neuronal activity can be quantified to help diagnose states of health and disease in the brain. These activities change on a fast time scale of milliseconds, which can only be captured by direct measurement of the brain’s electromagnetic activity. This is accomplished utilizing MEG and EEG technology, which can measure non-invasively these fast changes on the scalp surface. Moreover, using MEG, these signals can be observed within the brain volume through a localization process. The transition of MEG/EEG as a predominantly research tool to a modality used in a clinical setting has not been fully realized. In order for MEG/EEG to transition commercially to larger scale production, it is necessary to expand its relevance in a clinical setting. The proposed research will enable advancement into the clinical setting on two fronts: through development of real-time capabilities and by extending applications to the spine from predominantly brain based applications.

Faculty Supervisor:

Teresa Cheung


Matthew James Courtemanche


MEG International Services Ltd




Life sciences


Simon Fraser University



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