Invstigation of High Temperature Tribological Behavior and Wear Mechanism of Stellite Alloys

Many industrial processes require materials that combine high strength at elevated temperatures with good corrosion and wear resistance. Superalloys are the only materials which can serve in such conditions, because of their outstanding high-temperature properties and excellent corrosion and wear resistance. However, due to limitation of testing facilities and difficulty of experimental operations, the data of these properties at elevated temperatures for these alloys are very limited, which has limited the application of these high temperature materials. The proposed research is aimed to investigate high temperature tribological properties and hardness of selected superalloys which are mainly used for wear resistance. The wear mechanism at elevated temperatures of these alloys will also be studied. The obtained results from this project will help extend the application of these alloys and will also help Deloro Stellite Group and other relevant industrial organizations design new superalloys. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Rong Liu


Sami Kapoor


Deloro Stellite Group


Engineering - mechanical


Mining and quarrying


Carleton University



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